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These people are selling seeds for square water melons! Come on people!

How stupid is it possible to get? If you buy those seeds, or any of the other seeds that promise purple strawberries, or multi colored gooseberries, you just deserve to loose your money. They also advertise the following: Rainbow tomato seeds (grows tomatoes in all colors) Strawberry seeds also comes in rainbow colors, the water melon comes in purple, blue pumpkin, purple carrots (purple seem to be favorite color) rainbow colored corn, red and white blueberries,my goodness!

The story continues with flower seeds. Weird colors, and seems like all flowers are available in purple.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jack Seeds Tomato Seeds.

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I payed for tomato seeds and never received them must be a scam


It's a rip-off and take your money and don't even send you the merchandise


FYI:. There is such a thing as purple carrots. They also come in yellow and some other colors i can't recall at the moment.


I don't agree that someone deserves to lose their money, they are being hopeful and with the various advancements i horticulture many novices aren't experienced enough to know better. I do think it's very important to research where you spend your money, and especially where you give your credit card info to, but other than that, I support anyone who still has the heart to dream big!

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